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Monsoon is a brand with a highly distinctive identity. The intrinsic beauty of fabric, colour and technique so evident in the early sourcing of Monsoon's products from the Far East, continues to exercise a strong influence. Today, Monsoon's team of talented designers gather inspiration and ideas from around the world to create the Monsoon signature look.

This is the inspiration for Monsoon’s exclusive, in-house designed collection of unique, classic pieces, that range from sophisticated evening to casual day wear, and combine feminine styling with exotic colour, beautiful fabrics and detailed finishing.

Help us to help the environment and others with the Monsoon "Clothes for Life" campaign. We've all had something in our wardrobes we've decided it's past it's "worn" by date. So why not bring in any Monsoon clothes you no longer wear to a Monsoon store and receive £10 off any Monsoon purchases of £50 or more. Clothes will be given to charity to be sold or recycled, so everyone's that little bit happier! Full terms and conditions available at