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Free WiFi in store

Relax in our comfy seats and browse the internet, research books and read reviews on, access your emails and download books for your eReader.

Reserve and Collect

Whether you are looking for the latest bestseller or a much-loved classic, simply search for the book on and then check availability at Waterstones Banbury. If it is in stock you can place a Reserve & Collect order, and then the we will contact you to confirm that your chosen book has been put aside, ready for you to pick up at a time that suits you over the following five days.

The Book that Made Me...

Booksellers at Waterstones Banbury are asking readers to share stories of how books have changed their lives. The responses of Banbury'sbook lovers will be shared with others from around the country as part of a national conversation initiated by Waterstones that will discuss the books that have had a formative effect on the nation, influencing our lives in great ways and small. Pop into our branch in Castle Quay to submit your entry and read our selections or visit