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Coronavirus Update

Updated: 30.6.20

We would like to welcome our shoppers back to the Castle Quay Shopping Centre. In line with National Government advice, we are closely following the latest guidelines as our customers’ safety and wellbeing is our priority and will be working continuously to ensure all new procedures are being followed.

Each of us has a part to play in the fight against Coronavirus, and by following and respecting the measures we have put in place, we can help to minimise the risk of transmission of the virus to protect individuals’ safety and wellbeing. We will continue to develop our health and safety procedures as per the latest Government guidance.

Our customer services desk will be fully operational when we reopen, and we would encourage anyone visiting the centre who encounters a problem to visit our friendly team and share any concerns and feedback.

We would like to thank you all for your support and understanding during this challenging time, with special thanks to our onsite team for its hard work behind the scenes to support our retailers and keep Castle Quay Shopping Centre moving forward.



1. What are the centre’s current opening hours?

The shopping centre is open from 8:30am – 6pm on Monday to Saturday (M&S opens at 8am), and 10:30am – 4:30pm on a Sunday. We would advise customers to check the websites of individual retailers for opening times before visiting the centre, as these may vary.


2. When will cafes and restaurants open?

Cafes and restaurants will soon be able to open in line with Government guidelines, however this will be at the discretion of the individual stores. Some of our food and beverage operators will be operating a takeaway service.


3. Will you provide clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene to people on arrival?

Yes. The Centre Team have implemented a wide range of measures to protect those visiting the centre. These include:

  • Information boards to explain social distancing rules throughout the centre
  • A one-way flow of arrows placed throughout the centre to direct people in and out of the centre
  • Signage on the floor to denote 2m apart
  • An increased number of hand sanitising stations, including next to touch points such as pay points for the car parks
  • External queue management and crowd management protocols
  • Retraining of staff to support new hygiene and safety and security procedures


4. Have you got extra cleaning practices in place?

Yes, we have increased our cleaning across the centre throughout the day in line with guidance. All lift contact points will be cleaned every 30 minutes, toilets will be cleaned more often and our Amazon Click and Collect lockers will additional undergo regular cleaning.All staff working in the centre have been issued with gloves and masks and hand sanitising stations are available for all to use.


5. Will people have to use different entrance and exiting doors?

Designated entrances and exits will be clearly signposted to ensure a one-way flow of traffic.


6. Will you have a one-way flow of traffic through the centre?

Arrows have been placed on the floor throughout the centre to aid people. These clearly denote which way people should be walking, and are interspersed with signs reminding people to keep 2m apart from each other.


7. How are you regulating the number of customers in the centre and queuing in communal areas on behalf of stores?

Whilst it is the responsibility of individual retailers to manage customers within their stores, the Centre Management team has been working with retailers as to how queuing outside the store will be managed. There are clear markers in high footfall areas as to where customers should queue, signs to denote 2m apart, and increased security personnel will be managing the flow of people.

In areas where there is a limited amount of space, there will be security stationed on a permanent basis to manage the number of people.

Staff working in the centre have undertaken additional training to help them manage a large number of individuals in high footfall areas.


8. Will you provide floor markings and signage to remind customers to follow social distancing wherever possible?

These are displayed throughout the centre, along with posters and banners to remind individuals of the procedures when visiting the shopping centres.


9. Do I have to wear face coverings / gloves when visiting?

As with public transport, from 24th July it will be mandatory to wear a face covering when visiting shops and supermarkets. We ask all who visit Castle Quay Shopping Centre to wear face coverings for the wellbeing and safety of all our customers and staff.

There are a select few who are exempt from wearing face coverings in indoor public spaces such as:

  • Children under 11 years old
  • Those with disabilities, medical conditions or impairment
  • Those assisting someone who relies on lip reading to communicate
  • A full list of the Government exemptions for face coverings can be found here

If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, please do not be alarmed if a member of our centre team ask you for your reasoning, we are just doing our part by asking visitors to follow the Government Guidance for the benefit of all.

Please be aware that stores can refuse entry to those who choose not to wear a face covering without a legitimate reason, when visiting Castle Quay Shopping Centre.

For more information on face coverings click here.

The latest Government Guidance for staying safe outside your home can be found here.


10. Do you have sanitizer onsite people can use?

We have increased the number of hand sanitising stations throughout the centre, including at key touch points such as parking points and next to the lifts. These are available for everyone to use.


11. Will the toilets be open, and will queuing be controlled?

Security will be positioned outside the toilets to limit the number of people able to access this, and to control queues that may form. Every other cubicle will be closed to allow social distancing, with only a certain number of people allowed to access the facilities at any given point. The queue will be managed by security to the left hand side, encouraging the public to sanitise their hands before entering the toilets.

The toilets will be cleaned regularly with clear signage in place when this is happening.


12. Will you be encouraging the use of stairs wherever possible – making sure that people with disabilities are able to access lifts?

We encourage the public to use the stairs where possible, but appreciate that some people will need to use the lifts within the centre. Where the lifts are being used, we would advise that only members of the same household use the lifts at anyone time.


13. Do you have a vulnerable hour each day in place?

This is at the discretion of individual retailers, so we would advise customers to check individual store websites.


14. Will changing facilities still be available in individual stores?

This is at the discretion of individual retailers, so we would advise customers to check individual store websites.


15. Will cash payments still be made in stores?

This is at the discretion of individual retailers. All car parking stations have contactless payment, should members of the public wish to use this.


16. Is the car park still operating?

The car parks are operating as usual.

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