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An Independent Christmas

Roses of Bloxham

Tammy Rose is the owner of Roses of Bloxham and she has been a popular figure in Castle Quay Shopping Centre for years now, serving tea, coffee, ice cream and donuts to her loyal Banbury customer base. She is part of the Castle Quay family, so we were thrilled when Tammy took the step to set up a permanent base at Lock29. We spoke to Tammy to find out more…

1. You have been trading here in Castle Quay for a long time now – what did you enjoy about being part of the shopping centre? 

We have a great relationship with all the staff who work in Castle Quay. They have become our friends over the years.

2 . How long have you be running your business in Banbury and what has it been like moving to Lock29?

We started off with the carousel in 2000, so we have been trading for 20 years in Castle Quay.

We then had a little sweet stall inside and a coffee and doughnuts unit outside BHS – we haven’t gone far in 20 years!

We were nervous about moving to Lock29 but it feels like we have come home. All our regular customers came on our first day to wish us good luck and it’s such a lovely feeling.

3. What is special about your ice cream?

Our ice cream is made on site here at Lock29. We make all of our ice cream and some days you can see it being made.

4. What can people expect from you in the run up to Christmas? Do you have any new products or special offers you can share with us?

We are very excited to try new flavours of ice cream and will be introducing a mince pie flavour ice cream, which you will have to come and try!

5. What are you looking forward to most about Christmas this year?

We are looking forward to Christmas in Lock29 and to feel the buzz of the Christmas shoppers. We all need a good Christmas this year.