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Brand Partner Awards Winners 2023

The winners of Castle Quay’s second Brand Partner Awards have been announced with independent brands Nothing but Footprints, Boba Bros and Pavement Coffee Co. coming out on top.

Hundreds of shoppers voted online for their favourite Castle Quay businesses. This year there were even more categories to vote for including Best Customer Experience, Best Independent Business, Best Food and Beverage, Best Menu, Best Customer Service Team Member, Best Presented Brand Partner and Best Brand Partner Window Display.

Nothing but Footprints was recognised as Best Independent Business, with voters stating the brand “is simply the best shop in the whole of Banbury, not just Castle Quay. Not only do they passionately care about the environment and their customers, they’re also non-judgemental, helpful, and kind.” The School for Stars and Vintage Teas were close finalists, receiving amazing, personal feedback from voters.

The Best Food and Beverage award went to Boba Bros with voters saying the café has “amazing, delicious bubble teas with strong flavours” and “the drinks are always perfect”. Competition for this category was fierce with Pavement Coffee Co. and Mr Souvlaki coming extremely close to winning. In fact, Pavement Coffee Co. went on to win Best Menu, with voters acknowledging that “the menu is always so well thought out, inclusive and full of wonderful and delicious vegan, vegetarian and gluten free meals.”

There is no doubt that Nothing but Footprints offers exceptional customer service. This was demonstrated in them winning Best Customer Team Member and Best Customer Experience. There were an incredible number of glowing reviews including this one stating “Dan and the whole team are always helpful, flexible, kind and know their stuff”, they are, “always friendly and chatty. Dan also knows loads about his stock and products,” and “they represent what community shopping is about.” Julie Bruce at The School for Stars was also very close in winning Best Customer Team Member and Best Customer Experience with one voter stating she was an “amazing lady who gave my child the confidence to dance and make my child happy and make friends after being bullied.”

Best Brand Partner Window Display was also awarded to Nothing but Footprints but national brands Waterstones and The Entertainer were very close behind in the scoring. One voter said Waterstones displays were “just magical and pleasing to see how the window is dressed through all the seasons” and another said their displays “always inspire me to read more, pick a book and to take my children in to have a look.” The Entertainer was noted for “always showing great toys in the window and always catching everyone’s eye.”


Finally, the Best Presented Brand Partner award went to Nothing but Footprints, with one voter saying, “being inside the shop makes me really happy, it’s so unique and different from other shops and makes me want to consume in a way that’s better for the planet.” They were however nearly beaten by Smart Ideas and the Banbury Museum & Gallery. One voter said Smart Ideas was “easily my favourite shop for lots of reasons: it’s always so clean and tidy, so spacious, so organised. The staff are always dressed so smart, it gives a professional feel.” Of Banbury Museum & Gallery someone stated, “The Museum, especially the shop, is a warm welcoming space with fantastic decoration.”