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Hope Springs Eternal: Eight reasons why we love Spring

Spring is the season when nature bursts back into life, and after the long, hard winter we have all just had, hope springs eternal. In this blog we give you eight reasons why you should get out and explore. 

Days are longer

How good does it feel to have lighter mornings when out walking the dog? For those looking forward to shorter nights and longer days, then look no further than the spring equinox when the Earth’s orbit around the sun results in almost equal lengths of day and night. More so than any other reason right now, it is the light and the promise of sunshine that is enabling hope to spring forth. 


Open your window or step outside and you will have started to hear the increased crescendo of birdsong, which reaches a peak during spring. Our resident birds – such as blackbirds, great tits, robins and song thrushes – battle for your attention with the migrant birds who return throughout the season. There is no better alarm clock, if you like to rise early…

You can find out more about birdsong in spring here:


From hibernating animals waking from their winter slumber through to the birth of lambs soon gambling in the fields, Spring is a joy for animal lovers. Our very own Becky Deeley has been busy on her farm bring her lambs into the world – take a look at this gorgeous photo she shared with us:


There are so many wildflowers that deserve your attention coming into bloom at this time of year. Make a beeline for yellow celandines, delicate white wood anemones and pungent wild garlic. Our favourites remain daffodils and bluebells. 

Discover more wildflowers to identify here:

Bees and butterflies

Bees and butterflies are one of the feel-good sights that give us a little taste of the summer to come. There are few more poignant giveaways that the season has changed than seeing these fragile, flower-loving creatures out and about. 

March hares 

Let us know if you are lucky enough to catch European brown hares engaging in a bit of eccentric leaping and boxing. Spring is the best time to catch a glimpse of this spectacle while arable crops are still short enough in the fields not to hide the action.


Blossom is a sign of winter receding and the promise of a harvest to come and wow it looks beautiful! We’ve come to associate the spring blossom with ornamental fruit trees such as cherries, but it also includes plums and apples. 

Walks in the countryside 

Last, but by no means least, take a walk in the countryside either as the sun comes up and starts to warm the air or last thing in the evening as the sun begins to go down. There are so many places to walk and enjoy all that Spring has to offer in and around Banbury. 

Here are some of our favourite National Trust properties to visit this Spring:

Upton House and Gardens

Farnborough Hall

You can also discover some really incredible country walks here

We would love to see your Spring time photos, so make sure you tag us in @shopcastlequay.