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Our Tips to Staying Positive this January

It may not be quite the start to 2021 we all wished for but nevertheless, it is a new year and right now the best thing we can all do is to stay positive! Here are a few of our tips to help you stay in the right mindset during this difficult time…

  • Put on your favourite tunes. Studies have shown this will lift our mood and decrease stress!
    Why not go a step further and dance around the house while the music is playing?!
  • Get moving! Whether it’s a hard-core HIIT class or simply walking the dog, exercise boosts endorphins and lifts your mood.
    This will help you to feel more energised for the day.
  • Practice gratitude – simply note three things you feel grateful for each day e.g. ‘a hot shower’ or ‘a good coffee’.
    By doing this you’ll hopefully gain a greater sense of the things you do have to be grateful for during this time.
  • Try something new. Whether it be cooking, drawing or finally tackling the DIY project that you’ve been putting off,
    use this time to achieve something you’ve always been too busy for.
  • Do something you love every day, whether that be reading a book or doing a yoga session –
    this will make you feel great!

And remember, Castle Quay is here for your everyday needs! A number of stores will remain open to serve our community with essential supplies and several restaurants offering a takeaway service and can be viewed HERE.